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12 Interesting Facts about Cake

Cakes symbolize sweetness and happiness. The Pastry Artisan believes that cake open the door to shared joys, laughter, and suitable instances together. A celebration is incomplete without th3 Deserts from The Pastry Artisan. Yep, you can have first-rate décor, tasty food, however, without slicing a cake, the occasion feels incomplete. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding ceremony receptions, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, friendship day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year – desserts are the centrepiece of any occasion.

But, have you ever ever puzzled who commenced the trend of slicing desserts on birthdays and weddings? Why will we blow candles earlier than creating a desire? Continue analyzing to find out into the interesting records of desserts in celebrations.

Who invented the birthday cake?

If you observed desserts are a cutting-edge party, you then definitely want to suppose again. Cakes were round for hundreds of years and the very first birthday cake dates again to the Middle Ages. It has become a Germanic subculture to have a good time for children’s birthdays with cake. This exercise is called “kinder fest.”

But, the cake of the Middle Ages has been a long way far from the fluffy, spongy creations of today. Originally desserts have been a difficult bread which later have become a sweeter model called Geburtstagorten. At some point in the seventeenth century, icing started to take a look at party desserts. The icing commonly becomes flowers, laces, and different petals. However, those difficult icing desserts can be afforded handiest via the means of the rich aristocrats.

The trendy populace needed to wait till the 18th century to manage to pay for desserts. With the advent of hand mixers, cake trays commercially, the rate of desserts went down sharply. It has become at some point of this era that desserts have become a vital part of celebrations and unique occasions.

Who first used candles on birthday desserts?

There are theories on the backs of candles on birthday desserts. The first one is that it has become a historic Greek subculture. The Greeks made spherical candy bread to honour Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. The candles at the desserts symbolized the silvery glow of moonlight. It became a perception that the smoke that rose from the candle carried people’s desires up closer to the heavens.  The 2nd principle is that candles have been located on birthday desserts to symbolize mild lifestyles and to manual developing children.

Today, its usual place is a subculture of mild candles and blblowshem at the same time as creating a desire. It’s a perception that one shouldn’t say the desire out loud if we need it to return true. Other ideas consist of blowing all candles with an unmarried puff of breath. If you manipulate to blow all of the candles, then your desire will come true. What becomes as soon as a humble subculture has developed right into a laugh ritual in cutting-edge instances! Today, desserts are the centrepiece in any respect celebrations. Here are a few exciting tidbits in this candy dessert.

12 Interesting Facts approximately Cakes

  • Did you understand there’s a unique day for desserts? Yep, National Cake Day is widely known on twenty-sixth November.


  • The phrase cake comes from the Middle English phrase, “Kake.” It approaches tart or pastry.


  • In the Middle Ages, the cake was a difficult spherical bread that became flat on each end.


  • Did you understand that the centre layer of your cake has a unique name? The centre layer with frosted cream is technically called a “whoopie pie.”


  • The backstory of the famous crimson velvet cake is as dramatic because of the cake itself. The tale goes like this – a female ate a slice of crimson velvet cake in an eating place and she or he appreciated it very much. She requested for the eating place to percentage the recipe with her. But, they charged her a steep $one hundred price for sharing the recipe. In an act of revenge, the female circulated the recipe a long way and wide.


  • An American subculture says that maintaining a slice of fruit cake beneath neath your pillow receives you a good-looking husband.


  • The World Record for ingesting the maximum variety of cupcakes is held by way of means of Patrick Bertloetti an aggressive eater from Chicago. He ate a whopping seventy-two cupcakes with frosting beneath neath six minutes.


  • Royal icing is a famous sort of icing made using egg whites, icing sugar, and a sprinkle of lemon juice. It became called royal icing because it won popularity while it became used on Queen Victoria’s cake in 1840. She becomes the primary royal member to have the natural white icing on her wedding ceremony cake.


  • The first connection with birthday cake dates again to 1785.


  • The world’s biggest birthday cake was made in Las Vegas to have a good time on one-hundredth birthday. It weighs a lot as a fully-grown African elephant.


  • The world’s tallest cake was made in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has a peak of 108 toes and three inches.


  • The world’s most costly cake is named “Pirates Fantasy” and costs a whopping $35 million.


Order the best party cakes in The Pastry Artisan and add a sweet touch to your celebrations. The Pastry Artisan possesses the ability to create desserts that will instantly change your mood. Our desserts are sure to be a hit at any event. So, whether you’re looking for the ideal indulgent treat or something delightful to celebrate a loved one’s special occasion, treat yourself to some delicious cakes from The Pastry Artisan Today and enjoy the homemade flavour with every bite! Order now and have them delivered to your East London home, or check availability at your preferred location on our website.




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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.