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3 Must-Have Traybakes For Every Brownie Lover Out There

3 Must-Have Traybakes For Every Brownie Lover Out There

There is a dessert that everyone is a fan of, that dessert is crispy on the edges but soft and gooey from the inside. Yes, we are talking about brownies!

Whether you buy brownies in London or from anywhere else, these chocolatey goodnesses would always make their way straight into your heart. Although everyone cannot help loving brownies, we still do not know how they came into existence. Some people are convinced that brownies were created when a chef accidentally added lots of melted chocolate to a batch of biscuit batter, while others think brownies were created when a cook tried to make a cake with limited flour.

Although we would never be able to know the genius individual who blessed the world with brownies, we know one thing for a fact i.e. brownies would always remain our most favorite dessert.

Leading bakeries like The Pastry Artisan have more than one type of brownie to offer. Especially our Mixed Brownies & Blondies Box would introduce you to a wide range of brownie variations. If you are curious to discover more about our brownies and their types stick to this blog!

a. Snicker brownies

There is hardly anyone who does not dote on chocolate. It is even scientifically proven that chocolate produces serotonin, which is a hormone responsible for happiness. However, if chocolate is mixed with a bit of peanut butter, the combination becomes too good to resist. Knowing this, The Pastry Artisan has brought an incredible brownie and snicker combination that is bound to give you jolts of euphoria.

To make our special Snicker brownies, we immaculately mix the rich and ooey-gooey texture of a brownie and blend it with peanut butter goodness. If you are on a protein diet or any kind of diet and you are tired of feeding yourself with the same bland food every day, try Snickers Brownie. As our Snicker brownies have high-quality peanut butter, it would allow you to not just relish the burst of flavor, but also provide loads of nutritious elements.

So make sure you try our snicker brownie that is loaded with roasted chopped peanuts and chunks of snickers candy bars.

b. Fudgy Brownies

No matter how little and how many sugar cravings you experience, fudgy brownies are the timeless treat for everyone. Especially the Original Fudgy Brownies by The Pastry Artisan is pure bliss. It is crunchy to the touch and moist on the tongue. In addition to pampering yourself and improving your mood, It can also help you to turn around your loved ones’ moods.

It is such a heartwarming treat, that hardly anyone can have the heart to say no to them. So make sure you order The Pastry Artisan’s fudgy brownies and turn around your and your friends’ day!

c. Blondies

Sometimes there is a dessert so delicious, that despite convincing that you would only take half of it, you end up devouring the whole. That is exactly the case with The Pastry Artisan’s blondies!

These mini treats are so flavourful that one cannot stop munching until one has eaten the entire box. They are perfect for every occasion, so be it a party at your offices, a religious festival, or just a one-dish-party, blondies would never cease to help you win hearts. Since blondies are relatively cakier than brownies, they are an excellent holiday treat as sometimes, one feels like having something that offers a bit of spongy taste but is not a cake.

The Pastry Artisan does not offer brownie delivery in London just for these 3 traybakes, so to know more regarding what we offer, make sure to give our website a visit.

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.