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5 Fantastic Cookies Die For!

5 Fantastic Cookies Die For!

Ever heard of someone who doesn’t like cookies?

Never right?

It is almost impossible to find someone who does not like these crispy, buttery, and crunchy pieces of goodness!
One of the many reasons why people buy cookies in London and the rest of the world is their sheer variety. There are Cookies Die for every pallet out there, so whether your taste buds are biased towards chocolate or whether you like a bit of tang, or whether you have an inclination for nuts, cookies have all to offer!

In addition to treating various taste buds, cookies come in many shapes and sizes. There are cookies for the festival, important events, and even midnight cravings. To sum it all cookies are the perfect dessert that one can ever get bored of.

Since everyone loves cookies so much, The Pastry Artisan offers cookies in London
that can not just melt in your mouth but are also fascinating to look at. To convince you further regarding how amazing are toothsome cookies are, let’s introduce you to some perks of our most celebrated cookies.

1. Heart cookies

Although Heart Cookies are generally considered to be a dessert that can only be bought during Valentine’s day, this is not necessarily the case with The Pastry Artisan’s heart cookies, because our cookies taste as good if not more as they look.

Our heart-shaped cookies are the ultimate treats to completely win over someone. Besides, looking adorable, the striking combination of butter and sugar in them would keep you coming for and more more. Furthermore, the pieces of high-quality brown and white chocolate are incorporated so beautifully in them, that every bite would catch you by surprise.

2. Lotus Biscoff cookies

Formed by the heavenly combination of coffee and brown sugar, Lotus Biscoff has taken the internet by storm. It is almost unbelievable how huge is the appeal of one small cookie.

Although the internet is flooded with desserts you can create out of Lotus Biscoff, The Pastry Artisan’s version of Lotus Biscoff dessert certainly beats all!

We present you with Lotus Biscoff cookies, that have loaded with all the perks of Lotus Biscoff but also give everything one looks for in an everyday cookie!

3. Chocolate Orange Cookies

Very few people have heard of the combination of chocolate and orange and even fewer have tasted it. Therefore, one can hardly guess how this unusual combination would taste like in a cookie.

Although this combination is certainly unusual, The Pastry Artisan’s has made it to wonderfully work!

Our Chocolate Orange cookies are amazing, to say the least. It is a perfect mix of cookie crunch, rich chocolate, and tangy orange. If you are a cookie person who is convinced that they have tried all the best cookies in the world, try chocolate Orange cookies by The Pastry Artisan, because these desserts would instantly prove you wrong.

4. Raspberry & White chocolate cookies

These are another type of phenomenal cookies by The Pastry Artisans. These super delectable treats are infused with vanilla, loaded with thick white chocolate chips, and packed with freeze-dried-crushed raspberries. These Cookies Die are not just the toothsome combination of flavors, but they are also immediate mood lifters.

If one bite of these cookies offers you the rich smoothness of white chocolate, the other would tease you with the pleasant sourness of raspberries.

5. Double chocolate chunk cookies

Since people cannot get enough of chocolate, The Pastry Artisan has made sure to take care of every element while formulating these double chocolate chunks!

It is hard to go wrong with chocolate chip cookies, but it is impossible if it is double chocolate chunk cookies!

Other than these fantastic 5 aforementioned Cookies Die, The Pastry Artisan has a lot more delectable cookies to offer. So if you are a real cookie fan, check our website for we have everything that you have been searching for!

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.