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Geometric Chocolate Heart

Geometric Chocolate Heart – Just Perfect for your sweetheart

People around the world are passionate about Chocolate. Chocolate gives us positive vibes, increases our heart rate & satisfaction. What can be better than Chocolate shaped in a heart? Sweet right? At The Pastry Artisan, we offer you the best Geometric Chocolate Heart with exciting new flavor profiles that will incite the love of chocolates inside you.

Working with chocolate to create a heart-shaped version of it is very similar to pairing wine with one’s dinner. To make our chocolate hearts even more interesting and fun, we create an exciting infusion of Nuts or fruit with the Chocolate that gives our every heart Chocolate a unique flavor profile. The coca beans play a significant role in Chocolate, that is why we pay great attention to them. Chocolate can be made from a mixture of different types of cocoa beans from various locations. It can also be made from cocoa beans harvested from a single plantation, as in the case of The Pastry Artisan’s Chocolate Hearts. We discovered this chocolate recently while researching chocolates and were so impressed with its flavor that we decided to forego any infusions because the flavor of the chocolate alone was enough to enjoy.

How do we embellish our hearts?

Each heart mold is hand-decorated with naturally colored cocoa butter and iridescent powder. Working with natural colors has taught us that even when the same color is produced by the same manufacturer, there can be variations. That, we suppose, adds to the enchantment of how our hearts appear. The Pastry Artisan gives individual attention to each of our Chocolate hearts to deliver you something that is not just perfect, but a work of art.
TPA has 4 different profiles of geometric chocolate heart . Raspberry & Dark Chocolate for the ones who like it fruity, Nutty Caramel for our crunchy naughty ones, Double chocolate for the ones who like it extra, Carmel Chocolate for the creamy ones, and Lemon & Vanilla for the ones who like their Chocolate a little different. Don’t worry The Pastry Artisan has got everything covered (in Chocolate) !!

Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Hearts

Fruits & Chocolate? Yes, you’ve got it right. There is nothing more indulging than the flavor of our crisp pieces of tart raspberries paired with the perfect combination of our Chocolate to make your experience an incredible one. Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Hearts make it great for expressing love on valentine’s day too. TPA geometric chocolate heart promise a perfect balance of fruit, sweet&silky chocolate.

Nutty Caramel Chocolate Hearts

Nutty Caramel Chocolate Hearts are perfect for those who enjoy caramel with a bit of crunch. These nutty little hearts are composed of three layers: a tasty nut layer, a silky caramel layer, and a rich and smooth chocolate layer, creating a flavor of fireworks in your mouth. Chocolate heart treats are so scrumptious particularly on the off chance that TPA makes them with the finest kind of chocolate. Boxes of these chocolates can be served after meals and can be given as gifts. A sweet endowment is the finest, particularly when it is the tasty chocolate ones.

Double Chocolate Hearts

Double Trouble? Here you have it. At TPA we believe that there is nothing like too much chocolate, these indulgent and creamy double chocolates are the best to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Our Double chocolate hearts offers you the rich, creamy, and robust flavors of pure chocolates made from the finest cocoa and dairy extracts. These leave a  lasting impression on friends and family when gifted to them so what are you waiting for?. Order a Perfect Gift Now.

Chocolate & caramel

Caramel Chocolate Hearts are luscious heart-shaped caramels dipped in chocolate. These succulent candies are a beautiful, delicious alternative to traditional truffles. You can choose how to dress them up, leave them plain, or sprinkle the tops with even gold leaf. We’ve got all that you want. These heavenly molded Caramel Chocolate hearts sparkled with a gold dusting, making them a lush gift for any occasion.

Lemon & vanilla

This flavor profiles of our chocolate hearts is something typically people would not find on supermarket shelves. The Pastry Artisan has everything for everyone. Here we have our lemon & vanilla Chocolate hearts. When life gives you lemons, mix it with chocolate and enjoy!! These perfect little hearts have the most perfect balance of tart from the lemon & the sweet notes from vanilla. When this deliciousness is paired with chocolate, these hearts will satisfy your sweet tooth.

These delicious heart-shaped treats come in a box of 6 or 12 to make a perfect gift for your sweetheart.  TPA’s items are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any event, Make sure to check out our new cupcakes and cookie pie. So what are you waiting for? Order these now and get them delivered to your home exclusively in east London or check the availability at your desired location on our website.

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.