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The Pastry Artisan – Perfection In every Bite

The Pastry Artisan is a dessert pastry bakehouse established to bring the bona fide taste of patisserie in London. At Pastry Artisan, we offer you a wide range of mouthwatering & scrumptious baking products perfect for all occasions.

Maria Begum, The founder behind this magnificent bakehouse, was passionate about the bakery right from the early stages of her life. She has taken upon many competitions that involved baking, “ To win or lose – it is what fuelled my passion for baking,” said the passionate baker after every competition. Her spirit and drive to take this passion on a professional level made her all set for the journey as a Professional Patisserie chef.

This journey began with her apprenticeship at the London Hilton Metropole Hotel, where she had the first-hand experience of learning about the food industry as a whole. After completing this first stage, Maria knew there was still so much she was aspired to learn – specific skills to specialize in working in the patisserie industry for baking products. On this journey, she found The Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon, which instantly made her believe that this was a place for her. Maria also spent three months in Las Vegas learning the ins and out of the patisserie trade. Expanding her skills with all the tips and tricks in creating lavish desserts (baking products), which resulted in this appealing, blissful bakery we know as ‘The Pastry Artisan”.
Maria’s love for the bakery has indeed today has made the pastry Artisan into an exceedingly renowned and famous brand. Our new dessert shots and bakery items always have something in store for you to provide fullness to your food table.

Every bite of the Pastry Artisan is a work of art. Our specialty in The Pastry Artisan’s prosperity has been its ethos that items taste best when they’ve been made with the very same methods as those utilized in home preparing. Consequently, TPA has a unique sense of understanding which gives our customers the best customization for the items they love. We have our kitchen and a group of occupant master pastry specialists and cake decorators.
TPA is delighted to serve its customers for wide delicious range of tarts, cakes, cookies & brownies for postal. You can also celebrate with your loved ones with our Hampers & Graze boxes. For our hopelessly romantic people out there, we have geometric chocolate hearts that would be perfect for the ones you are thinking about and even for you if you want to treat yourself. Our traybakes are sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings; whether you’re looking for something luxurious and chocolatey or light and fruity, we have a great assortment to suit any ambiance. Our best-selling mixed box is an excellent way to experience all of the varieties. Wanna you piece of me? Says these small sweet treats, our cake pops. They are adaptable and fully customizable to any theme. The most popular sleek, classic design with a touch of gold makes it ideal to try once. Little shots of heaven, A small pot of heavenly delight, in which you can experience every flavor without feeling guilty about it. Furthermore, we have cupcakes, cookie pies to satisfy all of your needs.

As per occasions and seasons, we launch our special collections of deserts for you to come and celebrate with us all year long. Right now, The Pastry Artisan is so excited for winters, and we have delicious and warm treats for you in the Winter Bakes Collection. Shop for the most Indulgent Hot Chocolate Balls. All ready to make your drink chocolaty and creamy, Crunchy Carmel Appels Our Graze Box to provide you with the warmth this winter.
With something for everyone, TPA’s items are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any event, catering to each person’s individuality. Life is what you bake it, and The pastry Artisan core provides quality, benefit, esteem for cash, and consumer loyalty that will keep you coming back for more!

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We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.


We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.